Finding the best GPS tracking unit is easy. Today many people like to use car for their daily transportation. One of the important devices that will help them to get save driving and comfort driving is GPS. You should know what is GPS?  GPS is a modern device that can be used as the navigation device that will help you find your destination certainly. There are many GPS types that you can find start from the cheaper ones until the expensive one. You may need to find the best GPS that can work effectively.

gps tracking unit

If you are working as a driver or you are a businessman who needs to find a new place every day, GPS will be very useful. You do not need to confuse about routes, navigation, and anything related to navigation because you have a modern GPS in your car.

It is important for you to know what is the best GPS tracking unit for your car. There are so many options that you can find and you may feel confused to choose the best one. but you should not be confused about the options. You can find the best one because there are many references that you can find.

When you want to find the best GPS tracker unit for your car, you need to read information so you will know what that will be the best decision. Here are some GPS that you can choose because it has some superiorities compared with the others.

Compare GPS Tracking Unit For Your Car

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The first best GPS tracker that you can choose is Vyncs GPS. It can be the best choice for you because it has some superiority such as help you to tracks location, engine diagnostics, long battery life, help you to maintain needs, control fuel levels, and recall notices.

It is actually only some great points that you may get from this device. The most important thing, this device has good accuracy to tracks location so you will get the best driving experience with this. This device has some interesting features. it has engine alert, mileage tracker app, driver scoring system, roadside assistance and it has low fee for yearly.

Besides it has some superiorities, you also need to know about the lacks. Some of the weaknesses are it has long term commitment, you need to pay for activation and you may be disturbed by a delayed update for location.  But mostly, this device is amazing and will be a great choice.

MOTO safety GPS Tracker

If you are a professional driver or a common driver, you may need MOTOsafety GPS. This is a great GPS tracking unit for drivers. Many drivers like to use this GPS because it can support their driving every day. This device has some interesting features such as contain with driving education for teens, geofencing, Google maps route replay, and location alert. This modern GPS tracking unit is easy to be installed so you can install this device by yourself.

When you want to choose this device, you need to know that it has lower sensitivity and acceleration but it still can work effectively. The other weakness, it has inaccurate or low-speed limits. Overall, this device is good and appropriate for each driver.


If you like to find GPS tracking unit that not only helps your navigation but also helps you to maintain your vehicle, Bouncie GPS is the best choice. it has many interesting parts that usually contain in popular GPS trackers.

It can be a good choice because you can find many features such as standard geofencing, speed real-time alerts, acceleration, and hard braking. When you use this GPS, you can control gas levels, yearly emissions inspection, vehicle maintenance, routine car tasks, and the others.

This device includes a cheap GPS tracking unit because the charge is only $8 for each month. If you want to get special pricing, you can use GPS for three vehicles that are only $20 per month for all your three vehicles.

Bouncie has some lacks that are flashing lights and Alexa command glitches. With this device, you can maintain your vehicle easier and you get the best navigation device.

SpyTec STI GL300 GPS Tracker

The next interesting GPS that you can choose ad the best navigation is SpyTec STIGL300. This device has a small size because it is only two inches. You can bring this device in your pocket or put on your car undercarriage.

This GPS device is using battery. You need to charge the battery periodically. The battery can live until two weeks based on the manufactures claim. When you choose this device, you need to pay for a charge around $25 a month.

If you like to get faster tracking and update, you need to pay more. Using this device, you do not need contracts and cancellation costs. This device will make you get easy navigation without complicated policy.

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

The other high quality GPS that you can find is Optimus2.0 GPS Tracker. From the name of this device, you may remember with a robotic character from your favorite movie. This is small GPS tracking unit powered by battery. It is bigger than Spytec and has a better battery.

If you are interested with this device, you need to pay around $20 a month. It is easy to be installed and used. With the cost, you can enjoy effective navigation with some wonderful features. You can ask the provider or seller and read the review to make you feel surer with this device.

Amcrest AM-GL300 Real Time GPS Tracker

The other best GPS tracker that you can put for your car is Amcrest. It is a very interesting navigation and tracker device because it is easy to use. It has a simple design so you can put this small device in your car. Try to find a secret place inside your car so people do not know the location of your GPS.

After the installation, you should have tracking software to get real time update information about your car speed and location. With this technology, you are allowed to find your car location when it is stolen by thief.

The key features of this modern GPS has long battery life up to 14 days, it has small size like a cigarette and it provides you speed and proximity alerts.

Trak4 Mobile GPS Tracker

If you choose this tracker device, you will get some useful and helpful features. Trak4 has different model with the other common GPS. You can see the difference on the case. It has a waterproof case so it provides good protection for the function. Because of the waterproof case, you can put the device inside of your car and even outside of your car.

Trak4 is a good choice for you who like modern GPS with more function. it will not only help you to find your car location easily but it has more features. With only single charge you have GPS that can last until full of a year.

The other feature of this device is 3G network but it also still gives you 2G option. The software of this GPS is very easy to be used. You can use your PC or your cell phone to track the GPS location. In a few seconds, you can track your car location. This device will give you peace in mind because it is also completed with speed and past location alerts.

CarLock-Real Time Car Tracker

The other best choice for you who like to have high quality GPS tracker is Carlock. It is included as one of the best GPS tracking unit because provide more features. It will not only help you to track the car location but help you with the navigation.

The design of the GPS looks so different from the common device. It provides you more sensitive diagnosis because it can be plug in your car OBD or On Board Diagnotic. Many people like to choose this device because it has sensitive tracker compared with the other product.

To track the car location, you should install CarLock App so you can access the log of your car activity. Don’t be afraid of the installation because it is very simple and easy to be used.

GlobalTrackindo Car Tracker

GPS Tracker Globaltrackindo GPS provides Original Made In Indonesia (Cloud Server SaaS) GPS Tracker Fleet Management Server Solutions for fleet management companies that have a fleet of more than 20-21,000 units Simply plug our cheap gps tracking devices into cars / trucks / buses / taxis and then open our tracking website, you will be able to see 24 Hours Online and Realtime with the Official Licensed Google Maps and Live Traffic Support. The price of GPS Tracking unit for car that we provide is quite cheap with 3G signal, only IDR. 1,999,000

The features are included in this GPS tracking unit will make you feel so satisfied. Few modern alerts such as engine start alert and vibration alert. When the thief tries to break your car, the alert will be sent to you so you can take fast response. Mostly, this GPS tracker has more amazing features that you will never find in the other common GPS.

Before you buy the best recommended GPS tracking unit you should consider a few things. It is important for you to stay in the legal right. You can ask the seller or provider about your choice. Making good consultation will help you get the best GPS. After you know about 9 best GPS tracker units, you can try to choose the best one. Make sure that your GPS is appropriate with your necessary so you will never feel regret with your decision.

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