GPS Plant And Equipment Detection

gps for plant and equipment detection


We have been supplying plant tracking devices for years and have many customers that have large numbers of plant equipment that benefit from the system. Our plant tracking solutions allow our customers to track live where their plant equipment and vehicles are which allow them to monitor their usage and obviously locate them at any time 24 hours a day. Our tracking system allows you to monitor your plant equipment closely using the geo fence and motion alert features. There is also the option to install the tracker to allow remote immobilisation from your pc or mobile device.


Vehicle and Equipment Security

Reduce theft and speed recovery of vehicles and equipment

  • Early detection using GlobalTrackindo geozones, landmarks, motion sensing, and real-time notifications
  • Expedite theft recovery with effective detection and real-time location information
  • Give authorities pinpoint location information using address, Lat & Long, or LSD coords
  • Monitor all assets whether powered and not, using longlife batteries or solar power where a primary power source is unavailable

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction

Lower operational costs with GPS tracking

  • Reduce fuel use, repairs, accidents and breakdowns
  • Optimize trips, arrival/departure, and onsite work times
  • Track personal use of vehicles and equipment, such as side trips and after hours
  • Improve productivity and reduce labour costs
  • Monitor equipment use to expedited billing, manage maintenance scheduling, and optimize capital expenditures
  • Streamline paperwork & reporting, plus have hard data to enable informed decisions by executives
  • Avoid fines and penalties by meeting regulatory compliance requirements
  • Single point monitoring of all assets, whether powered, unpowered, mobile or static

Safety and Compliance

Meet strict Plant And Equipment guidelines for maintaining a safe working environment for onsite employees and contractors

  • Capture real-time trip information, including turn-by-turn routing and arrival/departure times
  • Record driving data for speeding, hard acceleration/braking (valuable for accident analysis)
  • Driver ID tracks vehicle and asset usage by personnel
  • Real time alerts/notifications (email/SMS) for emergencies or company policy violations
  • Garmin integration provides real-time routing, reducing drive time, accidents, and traffic delays
  • Built-in management reports make it easy to train or reprimand employees about company policy
  • Automated Hours of Service for driver safety and regulatory compliance (Avail. Oct 2020)


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Tentang Kami

Globaltrackindo adalah Perusahaan GPS Tracker Dari 2008 GPS Tracking dengan keahlian Developmenet Platform Monitoring System yang dapat diaplikasi untuk kebutuhan monitoring dan pengendalian asset baik pribadi, perusahaan, BUMN maupun pemerintahan berupa implementasi dan Integrasi Server

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking untuk Menganalisa Kebutuhan Coorporate Disajikan dengan Dashboard Monitoring dan Aplikasi Yang Simple, User Friendly Dibuat Khusus untuk Pengguna di Indonesia

I / O Sensor

GPS Tracker Yang dilengkapi dengan Kebutuhan I/O Sensor Seperti Konsumsi Bahan Bakar, Temperatur, RFID, IButton, Alarm, POI Maker, Route Geofance dan Analisa Perilaku Pengemudi ( Driver Behaviour )