We have the right GPS tracking solution for your needs.

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Start a GPS Tracking. Low Investment, High Rewards.

We provide the servers, software, and support you need to provide your clients with features like industry-leading geofencing capabilities, increasing fleet awareness and efficiency.

Location Based Services for Enterprise and Government.

When running on your own servers is a must, our Enterprise edition is a must-have. We can customize, install, train and have you up and running with a solution that meets all your GPS tracking needs.

Mobile Solutions

Easily track and even command devices wherever you are, whenever you want, with mobile GPS tracking applications for iOS, Android and Blackberry — or even track the mobile devices themselves. Either way, keep on the move with GlobalTrackindo.

Profesional Service

No matter what your need, if we don’t already have a solution for it we will be glad to create one for you. Call us today or send us an email with what’s on your mind. Either way, we’ll be happy to hear from you.


gps motor anti air anti maling juga


GSM/GPS/SMS/Motorcycle, Mini Design, Waterproof, Support GPS and LBS (Location based service) double tracking solutions.
Set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management in its entirety.


GSM/GPS/SMS/ Car/Truk,  Waterproof, Support GPS and LBS (Location based service) double tracking solutions.
Set multiple functions of security, tracking, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and management in its entirety.

mobile dvr camera online


It is connected to the use of 3G/4G Mobile DVR + GPS Tracking, through local reminders and remote platform vehicle offset analysis, and fatigue driving, driver dozing, smoking, drinking water, can be detected,throughCMSV6 remote monitoring platform


GNSS, GSM antennas, configurable digital/analogue inputs/negative input/impulse inputs, three DOUT outputs, Bluetooth connectivity and backup battery. It allows you to save your precious integration time while connecting accessories like vehicle door sensor, alarm button, seatbelt detection and similar sensors or accessories.


OBD Data Vehicle

Communication network can provide a wide range data that can be used to reduce running costs, improve driver safety, streamline maintenance processes and support environmental responsibility.

sensor temperatur

Sensor Temperature

Thermostatic controls – maintain temperature near a desired set point, Thermally sensitive system – receive alerts when temperature enters or leaves pre-defined value. Consumer products – be assured that goods which you are delivering will maintain high quality.


Driver authorization – gives ability to use vehicle only for specific iButton owners and identify which driver is on the road. Immobilizer – without iButton authorization you can not run engine starter and and use vehicle. AutoGeofencing – gives ability to know when car leaves customized areas without iButton authorization.

fuel sensor

Fuel Sensor Ultrasonic

Fuel Sensor Ultrasonic More Accurate, fast, and real-time monitoring of oil conditions Preventing theft of oil Leaks, combined with 3G/4G MDVR


Driving Assistant Safety Early Warning System, Fatigue and microsleep at the wheel are often the cause of serious accidents. However, the initial signs of fatigue can be detected before a critical situation arises. The Bosch driver drowsiness detection can do this by monitoring steering movements and advising drivers to take a break in time.


Available Custom Development, Build APP, IoT, Integration Server, Smart City, Camera Realtime, Biometric Face, Google Maps API, Report Custom Or Other ? Email To info@globaltrackindo.com

Hubungi Kami

GPS Tracker System
Profesional GPS Tracking Fleet Management
Available Sale and Installation Indonesian

Phone : 021 82 7522 59
Email : info@globaltrackindo.com

Office Hour : 08.00 – 17.00

Tentang Kami

Globaltrackindo adalah Perusahaan GPS Tracker Dari 2008 GPS Tracking dengan keahlian Developmenet Platform Monitoring System yang dapat diaplikasi untuk kebutuhan monitoring dan pengendalian asset baik pribadi, perusahaan, BUMN maupun pemerintahan berupa implementasi dan Integrasi Server

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking untuk Menganalisa Kebutuhan Coorporate Disajikan dengan Dashboard Monitoring dan Aplikasi Yang Simple, User Friendly Dibuat Khusus untuk Pengguna di Indonesia

I / O Sensor

GPS Tracker Yang dilengkapi dengan Kebutuhan I/O Sensor Seperti Konsumsi Bahan Bakar, Temperatur, RFID, IButton, Alarm, POI Maker, Route Geofance, Biometrik Wajah dan Analisa Perilaku Pengemudi ( Driver Behaviour )

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  1. GlobalTrackindo menyediakan Fasilitas Monitoring secara realtime dan online webtracking maupun aplikasi desktop server lokal iix indonesia sesuai dengan kebutuhan Perusahaan yang mempunyai kendaraan operasional , logistik maupun angkutan

  2. Bapak/ Ibu,
    Mohon dikirimkan penawaran harga beserta info produk GPS tracker untuk dipasang dimobil, dan bisa dipantau melalui android.. Dikirimkan melalui email saya

  3. Saya ingin memasang mesin tracking ke mobil, kalau boleh tolong rekomendasikan mesin yang bagua dan harganya terjangkau.

  4. saya butuh gps untuk sales man saya.
    sehingga saya mengetahui jalur / tracking si salesman tersebut
    dan juga posisi real time dari salesman tersebut.
    product apa yang cocok? dan berapa harganya?
    terima kasih…

  5. Mohon dikirimkan penawaran untuk aplikasi GPS yang bisa melacak/ memantau posisi real time kendaraan (seperti yang dipakai oleh uber taxi), terima kasih

  6. selamat malam pak,
    pak saya bisa minta katalog dan gambaran produknya pak?
    kalau bisa, tolong dikirim ke yahman0780@gmail.com pak.
    dan untuk pemasangannya didaerah mana saja ya pak, kebetulan saya di balikpapan.
    sebelumnya terimakasih.

  7. Selamat sore bapak/ibu, bisa tolong kirimkan katalog prodak berserta harganya, saya mau buka rental mobil, bagusnya pakai type apa ya? Terima kasih

  8. Mohon dikirimkan penawaran harga beserta info produk GPS tracker untuk dipasang dimobil, dan bisa dipantau melalui android dan web Dikirimkan melalui email saya

  9. Sy dibanyuwangi. Mau pasang untuk 4 unit mobil. Tolong saya dikasih list harga ya. Sekaligus apa bisa pasang di banyuwangi. Tks

  10. Yth. PT Global Tracking,
    Saya ada kebutuhan solusi fleet management untuk dump truk.
    Mohon bantuan untuk dikirimkan katalog produk dan price list nya yang terbaru ke ekobudi76@gmail.com
    Termasuk gps track, camera, sistem monitoring dan reporting
    Terima kasih

    Eko Budi

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